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Blacksnake Meadery: Harmonious Nature, Heavenly Nectar

Dugspur, Virginia

Est. in 2006

Welcome to Blacksnake Meadery, Carroll County’s first winery and Southwest Virginia’s first meadery. Tucked away in the picturesque southern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, this family-owned-and-operated business is a testament to the beauty of living in harmony with nature and a passion for all things fermented.

At Blacksnake Meadery, the journey began with a unique connection to its namesakes – the blacksnakes that called this log structure home long before it became a mead haven. The building, constructed in 1986 from hand-hewn logs salvaged from 1800s tobacco barns in Walnut Cove, NC, had lain uninhabited for some time, welcoming a small community of mice and blacksnakes. Although the reptilian rascals have since been rehomed, the Villers family chose to embrace the spirit of their former inhabitants, giving birth to the Blacksnake Meadery we know today.

Joanne Villers, co-owner of the meadery, and her husband Steve, both high school science teachers, share a deep passion for meadmaking and a profound connection to nature. The mead offerings at Blacksnake Meadery are crafted from Virginia Wildflower honey, skillfully diluted with mountain well water at their farm in Carroll County. As beekeepers themselves, they are intimately involved in the meadmaking process from bee to bottle, ensuring that each drop of mead holds a piece of their heart.

The tasting room at Blacksnake Meadery offers a delightful selection of draft meads, each one infused with different ingredients, often sourced from their very own property. Among their current offerings, the best-selling Sweet Virginia stands tall as a rich and delectable choice, captivating mead enthusiasts with its sweetness.

If you’re seeking an adventurous twist, allow the Red Queen to reign supreme – a mead infused with local coffee from Floyd, the perfect compliment to any brunch. Or, dive into the refreshing Ginger Bee Brew, an ideal substitute for ginger beer in cocktails like a Moscow Mules or Dark and Stormy.

Blacksnake Meadery has been a trendsetter in the mead industry since starting operations in 2006. They were one of the first meaderies to offer a hop-infused mead called Hoppy Bee Brew and a unique bochet-style mead, Meloluna, where the honey is caramelized, resulting in a tantalizing taste experience. Their dedication to crafting both dry and sweet meads ensures that every visitor finds a mead that resonates with their taste preferences.

For those eager to explore the offerings at Blacksnake Meadery, please note that the tasting room does not have regular hours. Visitors are encouraged to check the website for dates the tasting room is open or to contact Blacksnake directly to schedule a personal tasting experience.

For more information, visit their website at before stopping by their tasting room at 605 Buffalo Rd, Dugspur, VA 24325.


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