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Vineyard Spotlight: Wisdom Oak Winery

Located in North Garden, Virginia.

Virginia Winery Distribution Company
Wisdom Oak Winery

Can you provide a brief overview of the history and founding of your winery?

Our winery was founded in 2001 but closed from 2014 to 2016 when we took over the farm. We have grown it from a 400-case to a 5000-case operation with multiple vineyards.

Can you highlight a few of your flagship or signature wines and what makes them stand out?

Our Meritage blend has placed in the Governor's Cup Case and won the Monticello Cup in 2021. Our Petit Manseng has taken Double Gold and Best In Show multiple times.

Are there specific grape varieties that thrive in your vineyards, and why were they chosen?

Albarino is one of our customer favorites and is a newcomer to the Virginia wine scene. It was chosen because it makes a unique wine and can handle our temperamental climate very well!

Describe the atmosphere and experience visitors can expect at your tasting room.

Relaxed. We are a true working farm with the glitz and glam of the larger wineries. The atmosphere is cozy and disarming right when you pull into the property. Visitors can expect a knowledgeable and friendly staff with an attention to detail in their service as well as the wine.

Are there any unique events or activities that you host for visitors at your winery?

We do several member-only events that are always sold out. Food and wine pairings with a local chef, vertical and horizontal tastings, and many educational classes covering topics from wine blending to stemware.

Are there sustainability initiatives or practices your winery is involved in?

We are as biodynamic as possible. All of our cuttings are either mulched or composted in other areas of the farm. Pressed grapes are used in compost or shared with local farmers so give their livestock a treat.

To learn more about Wisdom Oak Winery, visit their website here!

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About the VWDC

Established by the Virginia General Assembly in 2007, the Virginia Winery Distribution Company (VWDC) is a non-profit, non-stock corporation housed within the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to provide wholesale wine distribution services for licensed Virginia wineries and farm wineries.


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